Architects of Rain is the new Berlin-based-Lisbon-originated project, playing instrumental post-rock, while still venturing much further beyond those barriers. Alexandre Santos & Bruno A. met over 2 decades ago in high school, long-haired rebels with a common love of Iron Maiden and guitars. Throughout the years they went from a single high school performance to forming a band (2004-2006) and gradually pursuing their own separate careers, with acknowledged acts such as Scar For Life, DNA & Stagma (Alex) or Arcane Wisdom, Vertigo Steps & Soundscapism Inc. (Bruno), where they also worked with very renowned musicians of the rock/metal spectrum. In 2012 Bruno moved permanently to Berlin, but the duo stayed in close contact – as did the will to collaborate in creating unique music.

Enter a Lisbon Summer, 2019. Over green wine and a warm night in Bairro Alto, Alex & Bruno finally decided to again play music together, also taking advantage of the latter working as musician/producer in his own studio and Alex being a producer in his own right (Pressplay Music). So in October, the duo convened at Mauerfall Kollektiv Studios-Berlin, joined by Bruno’s multi-instrumentalist studio colleague Usama Siddiq (The D/A Method, Usama Siddiq) on drums and Bruno’s old summertime friend and seasoned bass player Manuel Costa (Flux, Klepht, several tribute bands), coincidentally also living since forever in Berlin – but that would be another story so let’s just call it fate! The flow and energy of these sessions was seamless and inspiring.

The result of 2 days of jamming and songwriting were the 4 tracks now at full display in the debut “Ghost Notes” EP, later recorded, mixed and mastered by the band members, between Lisbon & Berlin, and having Tobias Umbach as guest pianist. Keyboards & synths, ukulele and a ton of guitar pedal wizardry were also employed to enhance the audio experience. First live dates will follow soon, as well as the video for “Satellites on Fire Glitter in the Dark”. Welcome aboard the emotional sonic architecture that is AoR.